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Geschenktes Kind

A child is a present
That is obvious

Even though, mankind does not have everything in control.

A handful of happiness is layed in our hands.
We may hold and accompany it
And be amazed how it grows.

"I am by your side as your midwife"


If I come to your family for midwife care, I will

  • give instructions for the infant care
  • give support to begin a successful time of breastfeeding
  • keep track of the complete healing of the baby’s umbilical
  • monitor the weight development of your child
  • enjoy the first baby bath together with you
  • give you advice with breast- and bottle feeding as well as formula-feeding
  • be your contact person in phases of uneasy development of the baby
  • monitor the physiological changes of uterus and breast
  • keep track of the complete healing of laceration and operation wounds
  • offer you first gymnastic exercises to strengthen your pelvis base as well as your back and abdominal muscles
  • support you and your partner to develop and establish a healthy parent-child-relationship
  • be able to draw from my long experience as a practicing midwife and mother, in order to provide you with support and advice on any question that may come up – this will aid you and your loved ones with a good start in family life.
  • and much more...