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Geschenktes Kind

A child is a present
That is obvious

Even though, mankind does not have everything in control.

A handful of happiness is layed in our hands.
We may hold and accompany it
And be amazed how it grows.

"I am by your side as your midwife"

Personal Data: Ulrike Reinartz

After living and working for 40 years in Bonn, I am working in Fürstenberg/Havel as a midwife since May 2018.

I have graduated from a vocational training as a paediatric nurse and as a midwife (1980). I worked in the “Johanniter-Krankenhaus Bonn” as a midwife for over 30 years until 2013 and work as a free-lancing midwifery-care professional for 32 years. Following the legal requirements of the 5th Sozialgesetzbuch, I participate in the "Quality Management for Midwives" and carry out an annual self-assessment (audit) for the continuous improvement of my work in midwife care. I am married and I have four adult children.

In whichever direction from Fürstenberg/Havel you may live, I work within a radius of 25km from Fürstenberg.


Further places where I work: Lychen, Gransee, Neustrelitz, Priepert, Godendorf and Stechlin