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Geschenktes Kind

A child is a present
That is obvious

Even though, mankind does not have everything in control.

A handful of happiness is layed in our hands.
We may hold and accompany it
And be amazed how it grows.

"I am by your side as your midwife"


If you and you’re the care of an experienced and reliable midwife in the period of time after delivery (child-bed) until the end of the ninth month of life, please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an e-mail.

I am looking forward for your inquiry.

You are also very welcome to make an appointment for a preliminary talk with me.

Phone: 0179-2069111
Mail: post@mhif.de

If you wish, you can also leave you contact details in the formula below and I will contact you:

I will inform you during the registration about possible holiday periods. A substitution is currently not possible due to a lack of midwives in this region.